When choosing an arborist, it’s important to choose somebody who is qualified, experienced, insured, works to a high standard, and has a good understanding of both the trees and the client’s needs. It’s safe to say Aart de Groot tree surgeon Nottingham meets all these standards. 

It can pay dividends to ask proof of all these things from any arborist you are considering.

In summary, a tree covered by a TPO (Tree Preservation Order) requires the permission of the local authority before works can be carried out – with a few exceptions. This can take up to 2 months to receive a decision.

Trees in a conservation area (over 75mm diameter at 1.5 metres from ground level) require the local authority to be notified of the intention of works. If there are no objections within 6 weeks, then the works can be carried out or the local authority may wish to discuss or place a TPO on the tree. 

Applications / notifications can be made for free through the Planning Portal  or we can do this on your behalf.

Click here for  further guidance and support on TPO and Conservation areas.

As standard we remove all branches and timber and clear up any saw dust leaving your area clean and tidy. 

If you wish to keep any logs or wood chip you are more than welcome to do so.

We are conscious of how precious a person’s garden space can be and the time, work and love that goes into it. Aart De Groot tree surgeon Nottingham take care not to trample on plants, put marks in lawn areas and not to cause any other damage in your garden whilst carrying out tree works.

We can use ropes and lowering techniques, boards and a variety of different methods to carry out the tree work while preserving the area under and around your trees. 

Aart De Groot tree surgeons Nottingham use Bio friendly oils so that your garden, waterways, and ponds are not contaminated with the mineral oils which are otherwise flung from chainsaw chains during use.

Whilst it is illegal to disturb nesting birds, it is not illegal to carry out tree and hedge work – providing that nesting birds are not being disturbed. We care for wildlife and take this matter with the seriousness it deserves by carrying out checks for nesting birds before any work begins.

So many factors influence how much it costs to cut a tree down. Size, access, and space around the tree are just a few things that can influence the price. 

The price can vary so much that we really need to see your tree in person to give an accurate cost. We will always quote a fair price for any agreed work.

No, we are completely self-sufficient and do not need any power or water supply. 

We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept card payments at this time.

Yes, according to Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, we can carry out tree and hedge work if we do not disturb a nesting bird. 

Every nesting bird is covered under this act regardless of species. 

Before we start any works and during the works, we carry out checks to ensure we’re not causing any harm or disturbing any nesting bird(s).

So many things can influence our quote, such as size of tree and access etc. We really need to come and visit to give an accurate price. 

As convenient as it would be for us and yourself to receive a quote without visiting, it would be far too easy to either under or over quote by doing so. We can also answer any questions you may have whilst visiting.